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Relay Board Prototyping

Working on getting the motor control board going.

Some lessons of note:
  • Polarized Relay coils... these only activate when the voltage is flowing the proper direction
  • DIP relays fit .1" boards, non-dip relays don't
  • I think i'm getting some voltage transversal to the coil on some of the non-dip relays.  the arduino will reboot on switching them on rare occasions.
Got some 12 volt batteries, and hooked them up to a set of relays.  Also got the bilge pump setup and was able to do a test.  Relay 1 controlled forward/reverse, and relay 2 controlled the on/off of the motor.

You might notice the webpage disappear momentarily.  I'm thinking that is due to the motor noise, but will investigate that more in the future, if it continues after the electronics are mounted properly.  The non-DIP relays are possibly causing a problem, so I'm thinking about replacing them with more of the yellow ones.