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Web Control of Servos

I tweaked the accellerometer input.

For the roll, the analog input outputs values around 393 (left) and 621 (right).  There is a range of about 228 for the different axises of the accelerometer.  The Z axis wasn't particularly helpful for me, so I did a delta value (change between samplings) and labeled it turbulence.  I then divided the values so that they would be more human readable.  At this point, fully rolled to the left reads -0.5 and fully to the right outputs 0.5.

I also was researching controlling the arduino with some web input.  This is very easy, thanks to the Webduino library:

Essentially, it allows a very easy input of POST information (like a standard web form submission), while displaying a page via GET information (stardard display of webpages).  The jQuery library in the demo isn't available online any longer, so I had to host my own (easy enough).  

I played with the Ajax buzzer sketch, but for getting my own robot up and working, I decided to just start with the simple web form (I'll get to ajaxing it up later).  Adding the ajax will help separate out the parts of the page from loading information versus posting information.  I might run that from a local webserver, instead of the arduino, since hosting the jquery libraries from the arduino would be... cumbersome.

Overview video of the sensors and servos and web control.

Another video of the servos responding to the web submission forms.