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Motor Servo Function control


Motor Control

Tank style motors, t
win screw boats - electronic speed control:

Elevon mixer can mix two outputs to ESC for tank tread setup

1 channel forward, reverse, and yaw (horizontal x axis and rotation to z axis) - props (reversible motors)
1 channel side ways (horizontal z axis) - pumps (one for each direction)
1 channel up/down (vertical) - pumps (one for each direction)

get ESC with reverse:

Using relays to control the motors

15 1K ohm resistor
15 2N2222
7 DIP relay
15 Diode 1N4004 Diode (surge protection)

Voltage regulation - 12 vdc to 5 vdc

Servo Control


PWM explanation and use with Arduino

Robotic arm control interface